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THE CREATOR - Rachel Noel (May 2022 Atlanta Carnival- Madd Colors) - The Bacchanal Bag is the flower on ankle BTW.

The Bacchanal Bag was created By Rachel Noel and launched in March of 2022 for Atlanta Carnival and hasn't stopped! So how did The Bacchanal Bag become one of the most popular items to have for masqueraders? Well let's start from the beginning in 2020 when Rachel was getting ready for her first Trinidad Carnival as a masquerader, she was determined to not wear a fanny pack as she did not want to ruin her costume look. She and her 3 sisters were playing mas so she decided to decorate 4 unique bags to match the costumes that will hold their essentials like cell phones, money, ID and more. They worked perfectly for Trinidad that Rachel even used the same bag for Miami Carnival 2021! Knowing how helpful and perfect theses bags are, she decided to create some for Atlanta Carnival 2022 and the rest is history!

The Bacchanal Bag is international within its first year being at Toronto Carnival, Notting Hill and the MECCA Trinidad Carnival 2023!